Makeup Mistakes that People do

Makeup has been around for a long time, and back in the days, it is considered a luxury for women to appear more beautiful, especially whenever a party is being held. But these days, be it, men or women, it is considered normal to wear makeup for daily basis. Although the idea of wearing makeup is lovely, sometimes people make makeup mistakes that might harm their skin. Worry no further as we’re going to discuss several makeup mistakes and how to avoid them, make sure that you read this article to find out more about it.

brushesSharing your makeup

There will be a situation where you’re going with your friends, say, going on a vacation or perhaps a business trip, and there’s an occasion where your friend forgot to bring their makeup. You might be thinking that you can always lend your mascara or your eyeliner, no harm done right? Well sharing your makeup is a big no-no, even when they are using a different applicator, and the reason is that germs are easily distributed when you share your makeup.

Tip: make sure to remind your friend not to forget any makeup during your vacation.

makeupSleeping with your makeup on

This mistake is something that people often do, especially after a long day of working or after going out to a party. Feeling tired you remove your clothes and swap to your pajamas, and then you leap to your bed and have a good night sleep. What’s going to happen is that you will get a breakout, and hasten your aging process with all those makeup on your face. Always make sure to clean your face no matter how tired you are, and besides it would be gross to have your clean sheets with all your makeup on it.

Not matching your skin to the makeup you’re using

We like to think that using ‘lighter’ or ‘darker’ foundation will automatically match your skin, when in reality you might appear paler or darker, so make sure that you match your foundation to fit your skin. Another tip is to make sure that you apply your make up with clear bright light, instead of yellow lights, the reason is that you can see the flaws or any mismatch under the white lights.

Tip: sometimes certain foundations might cause a breakout, so make sure to use light-sheer foundation for acne-prone skin.


Tips for a Healthy Skin

Nowadays having healthy and flawless skin is considered a luxury, especially if your job requires you to be in shape and looking good (a model perhaps.) By hearing healthy skin, some people might rush to buy skincare products or possibly getting into an appointment for skin treatment, and maybe you’re reading this while thinking to pay for skincare products or to pay your bill. Well worry no further in this article we have listed some tips for you who wants to have healthy skin, so make sure you read this article to find out more about it.

waterDrink more water

This tip is cheap, easy and works efficiently, and all you need to do is to drink more water, be it at work or class. Drinking water is proven to improve the blood circulation while also flushing the toxins inside your body, which can hydrate your skin throughout the day. We understand that drinking regular water can be quite boring, especially if you’re used to drinking soda or sweet drinks, so opt for infused water instead. The best part of infused water is that you can add whatever fruit that you like, which will cater the water to your liking.

burgerDon’t eat too much sodium

Another reason why your face has breakouts is that you’re overeating food that contains sodiums or too much oil. Fast food is found to have many oils and fats that are not good for your skin. Instead of eating fast foods, opt for veggies and fruits instead as it will give you clear skin and helps a lot if you’re on a diet.


Exercising will help you sweat, which will flush out some toxins that need to go out by the end of the day, and exercising will give you better sleep at the end of the day. If you’re not a fan of heavy physical activities, make sure that you spend at least 15 minutes of light exercises, such as yoga or jogging throughout your neighborhood.

Tip: stay hydrated while you exercise, a bottle of water will do.

Sleep more

This is a well-known tip as a lot of people will suggest this to you. Sleeping is an essential process of your body, which regenerates your body after a long day of working or being outside. Failure in getting enough sleep will make you cranky, lose focus and worst of all will earn you eyebags and cause your skin to sag even faster.…