Prom is probably the last moment for a high schooler to show off before they graduate, and usually, they might bring dates as well. Although some might think that it’s not important, for girls it is essential as they get to wear a dress and show off how they’re going to bloom into a beautiful woman. And on this article we’re going to show some tips on how to prepare for your high school prom, make sure to read this article to make preparing for prom less of a hassle.

beautifulShop or rent your dress a week before prom

The number one mistake that people did when they’re shopping or renting a dress for prom is that they did it at the last minute. When you look for your dress at least a week before prom, you’re going to have a lot of advantages. First of all, you can see a lot of selections of dress, and you can compare between stores, so make sure that you look for your clothing and accessories at least a week before prom.

Tip: take pictures when you try your dress, doing this will make the comparing process much easier and at the same time you’ll know if you look good in the dress or not.

Prepare your skin

Just like how you look for a dress a week before your prom, make sure that you prepare your skin at least a week before prom. Exfoliate at least once a week, moisturize daily, and use sunblock every time you’re going out, doing this will make sure that your skin is in top shape during prom. Need more energy? Make sure to get enough sleep so you won’t look like a living zombie.

Tip: even if it’s cloudy, make sure that you still use sunblock because the UV ray can penetrate the clouds easily.

teethWhiten your smile

Having a bright smile will make your prom photos pleasant to be remembered, so make sure that you prepare your teeth. Brush twice a day, and make sure that you floss. Need an extra whitening boost? Make sure that you use whitening strip on your teeth, or opt for a DIY recipe such as charcoal to whiten your teeth. If all else fail, ask the doctor for a temporary whitening for your teeth, just for your prom day.

Tip: avoid soda and sugary drink as they can make your teeth appear more yellow.